Paid for Carnet 10 tickets but not loaded to Navigo Easy

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I am based in Australia and I purchased a Carnet of 10 tickets after my Navigo Easy card was scanned and recognised using the IDF Mobilities app on my iphone 12. However after the payment, the tickets could not be loaded to the Navigo Easy card as it could not be recognised. Afraid after that I lost the screen and was not able to reject the purchase. I am not sure how to resolve this matter now. Any suggestions on your part?

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Staff June 15, 2024

Ile-de-France Mobilités has a "contact us" form on this page regarding a pass-loading-by-phone problems.  (Page is in French, but ChatGPT / Bing Copilot can handle translations well if needed.)  I think this is a good place to start to get in touch with them and go from there.

Staff June 15, 2024

Actually, sorry that link has changed and no longer leads to a contact form.  They've moved it directly into the mobile phone app itself. 
In the IDF Mobilites app it's under: My Space > (scroll to bottom) Contact us > The Tickets purchased with my phone > The Tickets loaded on my Navigo pass > I have another request.
I believe that will allow you to scan your pass and then begin a "contact them" exchange.


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