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We 4 adults 1 child 5 year old land cdg wed 20/09
would like to see Paris attractions on arrival before heading on to dlp
whats best options - looking to store luggage before exploring
should we get single tickets or 1 day visite pass?
dooes the 1 day pass cover cdg to Paris & Paris to dlp

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Staff August 26, 2017

Paris visite tickets, 5 zone, 1 day will cover all your public transit needs from CDG to Paris city, to Disneyland Paris.
Paris visit tickets have discounts for children.
You can store luggage at CDG airport through Bagages du Monde, though that would force you to return to the airport before Disneyland Paris.
Storing luggage at Gare du Nord (one stop from Chatelet Les Halles which is the RER A & B interchange) would save you lots of time after visiting Paris and departing for Disneyland.  And since you have unlimited use day passes with Paris Visite, you can make stops as you please without buying another fare.


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