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Anonymous asked June 4, 2018

I see that the Passe Navigo Découverte covers airports and zones 1-5.  Do we have to choose one zone? or does it cover ALL 5 zones?  meaning, pretty much all travel a "typical tourist" would need? (I believe it to be all 5 zones, but I don't want a surprise)
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Staff June 13, 2018

Navigo covers all 5 zones by default, unless you specifically ask for something else that usually only locals traveling purely outside of the central Paris zone would ever ask for.
Navigo (in its 5 zones of coverage) will cover everything a typical tourist would want to see including sites outside of Paris such as Versailles, Disneyland and Fontainebleau.
If the location is within the Ile-de-France region, it's generally covered by Navigo.


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