Previously purchased T+ ticket useful during Olympics?

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Hi Ben, really appreciate your excellent and thorough answers!!
I just downloaded the Paris 2024 Transport Public app and noticed that single T+ tickets are still offered at Euro 2.15.  Not the higher Olympic price of Euro 4.  If I buy them now, do you know if I will be able to use them during the Olympics?

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Staff June 23, 2024

Yes Paris transit fare Ticket t+ purchased before the 2024 Olympics period of July 20 - Sept 8 will still be valid & useful during the Olympics period.  So it's better to buy them before the Olympics to pay the lower / normal price (2.15€) instead of the high price (4€).  The French article detailing the price changes even suggests locals to pre-purchase their transit tickets before this time period of elevated transit fares arrives. The tickets start their validity period (90 minutes) once they're validated in a turnstile/faregate.  Prior to validation, single-use Paris transit fares basically have no expiry and can be used at any time in the future.  Happy to answer other questions you might have.


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