Queries on Navigo Day Pass and recommended pass for travellers that arrive on middle of the week

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Apologies. I would be travelling by Metro throughout the whole trip. So, which is best recommended since I arrive on thursday and depart the following thurs. And the tourist pass or Carnet de 10 seems unlikely not a better choice. I was thinking of Mobilis for Thurs to Sun and Mon to Thurs as Navigo weekly pass.
How about Navigo Day pass? Is 17.80€ applies for per day or am I able to reloaded it when it runs out?

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Staff December 21, 2018

If you arrive on Thursday and need public transport through Sunday, you're still best off by buying the Navigo Week Pass for Thursday - Sunday, which is 4 days of transportation coverage for 22.80€ + 5€ card fee (27.80€), which includes the cost of CDG airport to central Paris by train (RER B) since Navigo Week Pass is by default 1-5 zones.
Buying 4 days of Navigo day pass costs 7.5€ x 4 = 30€ + 5€ card fee (35€) and this does not cover you for CDG Airport to Paris on the first day, a single ticket cost of 10.30€ on top of that, so 40.30€ in total.  Same with Mobilis Day Ticket which is the same price.
Overall you need 8 days of transportation coverage: Thur, Fri, Sat, Sunday.  Four days.
Then Monday, Tue, Wed, Thur.  Another 4 days.
Buy two back to back Navigo Week passes, which will be the least hassle, lowest cost and best coverage, including CDG Airport and Orly Airport if needed.


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