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Anonymous asked July 6, 2024

Hello Ben. Is it possible to transfer between Metro and Transilien Line L? An example of a journey I will take is from Porte de Saint Ouen Station to La Defense Station. The Paris 2024 Public Transport app has recommended I take Metro line 13 to Saint Lazare Station and transfer to Line L to get to La Defense during the time of my commute to Paris La Defense Arena. Also, when I exit a ticket gate/turnstile @ Saint Lazare Station to change to Line L, do I insert the t+ ticket? Can this entire journey be made on one single trip ticket?

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Staff July 6, 2024

Hi there,
Line L (Transilien) trains require an "origin-destination" ticket priced for the specific start/end stations journey you're making (Saint-Ouen to La Défense, for example) and they do include Metro, RER (zone 1) transfers within 90 minutes of ticket validation if you don't exit the transit fare-paid zones (i.e. out to the street, outside of a train station).  You can make these transfer at either the start or end of the journey.  (i.e. you can use the origin-destination ticket to take Metro trains to get to Saint Lazare, then hop on the Transilien L train to go to Saint Ouen, all on the same ticket.  And you can do the reverse from Saint Ouen, transferring from L to Metro lines at Saint Lazare and ending up somewhere else inside the city.)  These origin-destination tickets are the same ones used on the Paris RER train system.  When you buy these tickets at ticket windows or automated ticket machines, you need to specify both your departure station (origin) and your final destination station.  Regular Ticket t+ (for Metro/Bus/Tram/RER zone 1) doesn't cover any part of the Transilien train system (trains H thru U) so you can't use those tickets.
Let me know if this is unclear at all.  It's a bit confusing.


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