RER B Tickets from St Michel Notre Dame Noctilien, 75006 Paris to CDG on strike day

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Thank you Ben Lam. Can you please help with one more clarification:
Can we buy tickets on 27th June ( Strike day) at St Michel Notre Dame Noctilien, 75006 Paris, station for CDG, terminal 2 station OR only to Gare de Nord station and than buy new tickets for  CDG, terminal 2. If we can buy tickets to CDG do we have to change trains at Gare de Nord and use the same tickets ?

Ben Lam  Staff ⋅ 3 days ago

Here is a typical Paris train strike day train schedule for RER B from Robinson (southern terminus of RER B) towards Gare du Nord.  The train times between southern Paris to Gare du Nord on RER B on June 27th should be similar.
Thank you Ben Lam.

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Staff June 21, 2018

Noctilien is the name of night buses in Paris.  I'm assuming you're arriving by Noctilien to St Michel Notre Dame RER train station.
You can buy RER tickets at St Michel Notre Dame RER station for your RER B trip from St Michel Notre Dame to CDG Airport, which would include a Metro or RER B ride to Gare du Nord (your choice), then transferring from the underground train to ground level Grandes Lignes trains where the RER B from Gare du Nord will depart from one of surface level train lanes 30-36.  You do not need to purchase new tickets at Gare du Nord.
When you transfer from below ground RER B to surface level RER B at Gare du Nord, you won't need to pass any fare gates and will simply walk onto the RER B departing for CDG Airport, during Paris Train strike days.


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