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So I will be going to Paris for only 24 hours, I've read that there are returning tickets meaning I'd have to buy two single RER B tickets I believe? One going to Paris from CDG and one coming back? If so how much would those cost? Would getting a Navigo Pass be cheaper if I am trying to go to multiple places at once?

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Staff March 5, 2024

Yes, a return CDG - Paris RER B ticket is just two one-way tickets costing 11.80€ each.
If you want an unlimited use pass such as a Navigo Day Pass (20.60€), note that it expires at midnight, not in 24 hours from when you purchased it.  If you arrive early morning, then it makes sense to get a Navigo Day Pass, 1-5 zone costing 20.60€ put onto a Navigo Easy card (2€).  For the following morning you can use a single-use RER B paper ticket Paris - CDG for the return to the airport.  You can buy both Day pass & RER B paper ticket at the same time when you arrive at CDG.  There is no expiry on paper RER tickets.
The Navigo Day Pass must be put onto something, either a physical plastic card (Navigo Découverte card or Navigo Easy card) or onto an Android phone using the Ile de France Mobilités Paris transport app.  If you have a compatible Android phone, you can also purchase your RER B paper ticket on the phone app and use it directly from the phone.


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