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Hi Ben! Myself and my daughter are travelling next week to Strasbourg from Paris (return) via TGV InOui train tickets that I have bought online (SNCF website), with assigned seating.
Do I need to scan the UPC code before boarding? (i.e. to cancel the ticket if I am "controlled".)
We re then taking a TER train to Colmar from Strasbourg (return). No assigned seating. Purchased via SNCF and downloaded to my iphone wallet. 
Do I need to scan the UPC code before boarding? Same reason?
Finally, My forst train departs Paris Gare de L'Est at 7:58 am on a Friday morning. We will take the subway from our hotel (Hotel D'Orsay). If I arrive at 7:40, is that plenty of time?
Thanks for your great website. You helped me out last year when I came to Paris as well!

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Staff June 26, 2024

Hi Susan,
The InOui TGV ticket (I'm assuming it's a digital one with QR code?) can be scanned at ticket fare gates at Gare de l'Est ahead of the lane where your train will be parked for departure.  Here's a couple links to images of what these gates look like:

The gates wil have a visual QR code reader which looks like a glass square opening on your right hand side when standing at the gate.  You would put your QR code face down on this glass panel to allow it to be read by the scanner.  Turning up the brightness on your phone can usually help the reader.
Sometimes these gates will be fully open (i.e. not in service) and people will be passing freely through them.  In that case, you can do the same.  If they are closed, then you'll be required to scan your QR code ticket on the scanner to open the gate.
On the trains themselves there still may (and likely will) be ticket controllers from SNCF who will make the rounds asking to see everyone's tickets.  You'll just show your ticket again to this staff person and they'll scan it again to ensure it's valid.
I haven't taken a train between Colmar / Strasbourg, but I believe the TER train will have the same gate system requiring scanning if your ticket has a QR code.
Re: getting to Gare de l'Est, arriving at 7:40 should be sufficient if you're sure you won't make mistakes on the Metro/RER/bus getting to Gare de l'Est.  In the early mornings on weekends the frequency of the trains are... not that frequent, so if you make a mistake in direction or transfer it could add an extra 15 minutes of travel.  I just checked the itinerary for Hotel d'Orsay to Gare de l'Est and there's not a direct/simple Metro route that gets you to Gare de l'Est, rather you'll need to make at least one transfer or walk a fair distance (15 min.) to the closest Metro station.  Check out itineraries on Google Maps and choose one that looks best for you.  (Metro 12 + RER E could be a viable option on a single Metro ticket that doesn't have much walking.)
When you arrive at Gare de l'Est, follow signs for "Grandes Lignes" as that'll be where all the TGV trains will depart from.  Check the overhead screens when you're at ground level / Grandes Lignes section to see which lane is for your Strasbourg train (double check the departure time matches your ticket, in case there are several trains within similar times).  I'd say perhaps give yourself a little extra time if you haven't made this transfer before or aren't familar with Gare de l'Est, so that you'll be more at ease.
Have a great visit to Paris & Alsace.  And thanks for the kind words about the site.


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