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Anonymous asked May 26, 2019

my wife and I will be in Paris for 5 days in late September. I’m wondering if we can easily share a Navigo Easy card, or should we just get two? And do you just flash it at the scanner as you board or disembark? Thanks, your site has been very helpful as I try to prepare.

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Staff May 30, 2019

Navigo Easy card can be shared between people, but not for the same trip (tapping twice at a turnstile back-to-back) I believe, since transfers for 2 hours are included for each tap.  I'll double check with transit authority staff and write back if I learn otherwise.
The Navigo Easy is used to open turnstiles/fare gates for RER/Metro station within the city (tap on the top, purple scanner zone on right hand side of turnstiles/gates, see photos of Navigo card tap zone on turnstiles in this article), both at the entrance to fare-paid zones and sometimes when leaving them (most Metro exits don't require exit taps, RER usually do). 
For use on Paris city buses, Navigo Easy only requires tap when boarding, not when disembarking, since there are no zones for buses.  For Trams, just tap once when boarding, assuming you're only traveling one zone; no disembark tap required.  Some Trams traverse zones like Tram 7, so be sure to buy proper fare if you're traveling multi-zone (i.e. Billet Ile-de-France, which can't be put on a Navigo Easy, yet).


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