Summer service disruption REC Train Versailles to Paris

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I see on your page the REC train did not run between Versailles and Paris from July 2022 - August 20, 2022, I am coming In August 2023 do you know if that was just last year or is it shut down again this year.

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Staff July 13, 2023

Thank you for your question.  I've updated the Paris Versailles RER C train page with updated service interruption information for the summer of 2023.
There will be no RER C service between Paris and Versailles on July 15 & July 16 2023, but otherwise normal service for the RER C west of Paris towards Chateau de Versailles.
Within central Paris RER C train line will be disrupted for a long period between July 15 and August 26, 2023 (inclusive).  No RER C trains will run between Javel (central Paris west) and Austerlitz (central Paris east) stations between July 15 - Aug 26, 2023.
If you're beginning your Paris-Versailles train trip on RER C, ensure you start your trip west of Javel station as there is no RER C train service between Javel & Austerlitz July 15 through to August 26, 2023.


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