Travelling from CDG Airport to centre of Paris to Zone 5

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Hi everyone, I need to travel from CDG airport to Chatelet Les Halles (hotel) to Marne La Vallee Village all in 1 day.
I am trying to find the cheapest way to do so:

  1. Mobilis (17.80 Euros) - can it be used on ALL metro stations and RER trains and CDG airport? If yes, this seems to be the best option.
  2. Navigo Day Pass (22.80 Euros) - what is the difference between Navigo and Mobilis?
  3. Individual tickets:
    CDG -> Chatelet Les Halles: 10.30 Euros
    Chatelet Les Halles -> Marne La Vallee: 6.30 Euros
    Marne La Vallee -> Chatelet Les Halles: 6.30 Euros
    = 22.90 Euros for 1 day.
  4. Since individual tickets is the same as Navigo Day Pass, is it worth it to buy the Navigo week pass even though I will only be in Paris for 3 days (Sun-Wed)? It only cost 5 Euros more. I will be travelling to La Vallee on Sunday though (I know Navigo week pass starts on Monday). I will try to change it to Monday.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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Staff June 20, 2019

There's no difference between Mobilis 1-5 zone and Navigo day pass 1-5 zone now.  They are both valid for CDG Airport (Mobilis was formerly not valid for some forms of Paris airport travel, such as RER B train for CDG.).
For Monday Tue Wed, Navigo week pass is hands down the best for price/coverage, even only for 3 days.
For Sunday, if you need to go to CDG/Marne La Vallée/Paris, then Navigo Day pass (since you need Navigo Week for Monday-Wednesday, you'll need to 5€ card in any case).  


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