What is our best option?

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My husband and I will be traveling to Paris for the first time January 31, 2019 - February 6, 2019.  This will be a Thursday thru Wednesday.  We are interested in buying a weekly pass; however, I read that the weekly passes are only valid from Monday-Sunday.  This means we would be required to purchase a total of 4 (2 each - one to cover Thursday to Sunday and another to cover Monday to Wednesday).  Correct?  Is there a better option?

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Staff July 6, 2018

I think 2 Navigo Decouverte is still better than 2 Paris Visite (5-day + 2 day) per adult.
Paris Visite 5-day 5 zone + 2-day 5 zone for per adult would be 104.15€.
Navigo from Thursday thru Sunday, then Monday thru Wednesday would be 22.80€ x 2 plus 5€ (one-time) for the card fee for a total of 50.60€ per adult.


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