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Hi, I am looking to go to Paris in January and on one of the days go to Disneyland. I am looking to go via the train service but I am a wheelchair user and unsure whether this is possible?As far as I have worked out Auber station is wheelchair accessible and can take me to a nearby station to Disneyland but please can someone offer some advice? Many Thanks, Pep.

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Staff November 18, 2018

Hi Pep,
Disneyland's train station is at Marne la Vallée station will be the same as Auber, i.e. a Paris train station accessible for wheelchairs.  The train conductor can help you board/disembark with a ramp that covers the gap between the train and the platform. Just have yourself near the conductor car (at head of train) when waiting to board and the conductor will be able to see you & bring out the folding ramp to help you board/alight.


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