where we can purchase the weekly Navigo Decouverte pass?

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hi...just a quick question...we arrive in Paris from London on the Eurostar...Gare du Nord station. we arrive at 4PM and it's on a Sunday (July 9th). on Monday, we're off to Disneyland Paris. so we need the passes. my question...where can I buy this pass for the 12 of us on Sunday, after we arrive at 4PM. our hotel is the Grand Hotel Leveque and it's near the Eiffel Tower. the hotel said I could go to station near them...#5. but we don't know if they're open on Sunday and what time they close. I wish we could purchase this pass online...oh well! thanks in advance for your help with this. jim davis ([email protected])

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Staff March 23, 2023

Hi Jim,
You can purchase the 12 Navigo Decouverte passes from the Billets Paris et Ile-de-France ticket windows inside Gare du Nord.  One of these ticket windows will be on the street level floor, near the corner of Rue de Dunkirque and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis side (opposite side of the Taxi rank).
There's a photo of this ticket window on the Paris Gare du Nord page as well as a 3D map showing the orientation of the station with the streets at the bottom of that page.
This ticket window will definitely be open on Sunday at 4pm so you should have no problems buying your Navigo passes.  Remember to have color copies of your headshot photos of everyone buying a Navigo pass.  A paper color photocopy is fine, it doesn't need to be on photo paper.  And passport size or slightly smaller is fine.
To conclude, I'd highly recommend you get the 12 Navigo cards at Gare du Nord upon arrival rather than the Metro station close to the hotel.
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