Which pass is the right for us?

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Hi everybody,
I'm a bit confused with all these passes, could you please help me? Here is our plan:
Day1: from CDG to Hotel Paris Vaugirard, then Eiffel tower and around Notre Dame
Day2: City center (Eiffel tower, Arc de Trimphe, etc)
Day3: Louvre Museum and etc
Day4: Château de Versailles and etc
Day5: Luxemburg gardens and etc
and we go to Netherland by train Day6
Thank you so much for your help

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Staff June 21, 2019

If you land at CDG on Thursday, then a Navigo Découverte week pass is the best choice in terms of coverage, cost and ease.
If you land Friday/Saturday/Sunday, single-use paper RER tickets for the RER B train from CDG to Paris to get into the city. 
For the rest of the central Paris trips on Metro, the choice of pass depends on how many one-way trips you plan on making per day.  If you plan on making less than 4 trips per day buy a Navigo Easy ticket card with a carnet (ten tickets @ discounted price of 14.90€) of Ticket t+ (Metro/Bus/Tram/RER within zone 1).  If you plan on making 4 or more trips per day, put Navigo Jour (day pass) onto the Navigo Easy.  You can have a maximum of two day passes on your Navigo Easy at any one time.
For your trip from Paris to Versailles by train, if you aren't using Navigo Découverte week pass, then again, buy single use paper tickets (you can't put these tickets onto Navigo Easy).


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