which train is the disneyland paris one from CDG

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Hi - i love your website it is extremely useful and i love the visual aspects which enabled me to find my way from CDG terminal 3 to the train station at CDG last year.
It was then that i realised that i didn't know which train i was looking for to get to Marne La vallee / DLP station as the boards only contained the desination location and not the stops along the way- so i struggled and stressed for about 20mins....do you know what i should look for on the boards at CDG to get the TGV train to Marne La Vallee? it was extra stressful last year as there were no people to ask at the information centres at the TGV train station level
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Staff March 18, 2016

Hi Simon,
If I'm not mistaken, for TGV trains from CDG Airport to Disneyland Paris, the signs inside the TGV section of CDG Terminal 2 train station should actually read "Marne La Vallee / Disneyland" as any trains going to Disneyland, that would be its final stop.  The train tracks do not continue after Marne La Vallee, it's the terminus station for that branch of train line, both for RER and TGV.
Also, the TGV train will have staff along the TGV car doors, helping travellers find their car and seats so you can also ask any of them for assistance if you have any doubts that you are not on the correct train.
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