Why the obligation of sticking the photo?

By | June 19, 2024 | in

We bought 2 Navigo cards for 1 week, for 1-5 Zones (but we never got further than zone 3).
We wrote our names on the cards and the employee from the desk sold us the cards, without asking our photo first and without informing us that not sticking the photo is a crime.
We got a 70 euro fine, because we didn't had the photo sticked. If the Police was to be called, the fine would have been 180 euro/person.
I find it an abuse, since the travels for the whole week have been fully paid (is not as if we had travelled without tickets) and the identity cards are not accepted as proof of the holder's identity. 
My name is wrote on the card. You have my ID, with my photo, that establishes I am the holder.
Why isn't my identity card recognized as a proof of my identity?

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