Are Dogs Allowed on Paris Trains

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Dogs are allowed on Paris Trains.

Traveling with dogs or other pets on France TGV or other intercity French trains (Ter, Intercities) is allowed with the following restrictions:

  • 2 dogs per person maximum (or other animals)
  • small dogs under 6kg / 13 lbs must be carried in an animal bag or cage
  • larger dogs over 6kg / 13 lbs must wear a muzzle (no need for bag/cage)
  • you must purchase a ticket for each dog,
    • 7€/small dog
    • half-price 2nd class ticket for larger dogs

France train tickets for dogs can be purchased at the same time as your own tickets on, but only when using the French language of the website.

Below are some screenshots of how to buy France train tickets for dogs / pets.

France train ticket advanced options opener. Only on French language of website



First option is for small dogs under 6kg /13lbs. 2nd option is for larger dogs

More information on taking trains in France with pets.

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