How to extend navigo weekly pass

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Thank you Ben for taking the time to answer my previous inquiry
If I may ask another question. For the Paris Navigo Decouverte weekly passes, is it possible to extend the weekly pass on a compatible phone once I get the physical card at CDG Airport for example.
Or can I only extend it's validity at a metro station?

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Staff December 5, 2023

Yes you can extend a (physical plastic) Navigo weekly pass card using only your mobile phone (on both Android and iOS phones that have NFC/Near Field Communication support).  Any of the three official Paris transit mobile apps will work for recharging your existing  physical Navigo card for another week.
You can reload/recharge Navigo for the following week, after Thursday midnight (Friday morning 00:00) of the current week.  For example, if today is Monday December 4, 2023, to load your Navigo for Monday December 11 - 17, you may do so Friday December 8 onwards, but not before then.


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