Paris Visite ticket during Olympics

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Hi Ben, is it possible to buy the Paris Visite ticket online? if not, at Gare du Nord upon arrival?

And will they increase the price of Paris Visite during Olympics?


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Staff June 23, 2024

Paris Visite Tickets are not available for home delivery outside of Paris, even when purchased online from Paris Je t'aime, the only reseller listed on the Paris train authority website.  The tickets can be picked up from their collection point inside of Gare du Nord but the exact same ticket costs more from this reseller (about 10% more) and they'll charge a small handling fee on top as well, than directly from the RATP / city or regional train authorities.
Yes you can purchase the Paris Visite ticket from any Paris Metro/RER/Transilien ticket vending machine inside Gare du Nord upon arrival.  (Or from any of Metro/RER/Transilien ticket window.)
Apparently the Paris Visite tickets won't even be sold from July 20 - Sept 8 during the Paris 2024 Olympics, so no price change, but also no availability.  But, if you purchase a Paris Visite ticket before that date, it should still work during that period.  (A Paris Visite ticket's validity period, from 1 up to 5 days, doesn't start until its first validated.)  The wording on the Paris regional train authority web page on terms of sale for Paris Visite simply says the Paris Visite won't be sold during the Olympics period, but nothing about how the pass being not valid for travel.
Hope this helps.  Have a good visite.


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