Paris Metro Tickets – What to Buy?

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Single train ride from Paris CDG Airport to Central ParisBillet Origine-Destination (RER/Transilien Ticket)

Single Ride

Single-ride, one-way, in central Paris using Metro (underground) / Bus / RER / Tram – Paris Metro Tickets – Ticket t+

One Day

Paris one day pass unlimited ride ticket for Metro / Bus / RER / Tram / Transilien – Ticket Mobilis (restricted use for airports)

Multi Day

Multi-day unlimited ride Paris Metro / Bus / RER / Tram / Transilien (surburban train) /  Montmartre Cable Car tickets – Paris Visite Tickets


Monday to Sunday unlimited ride tickets Paris Metro / Bus / RER / Tram / Transilien (suburban train) / Montmartre Cable Car – Navigo Decouverte Pass

How to Choose a Ticket

What ticket to buy depends on:

  • If you want the simplest, easiest, no-thinking-required solution and saving 20-50 euros per person for the week isn’t an issue
    • Buy a 1-5 Zone Paris Visite ticket for the number of days of your stay, or a 1-5 Zone Navigo Decouverte week pass if you’re arriving Monday-Wednesday (covers you till Sunday).  This covers you for all public transport types (Paris Metro, bus, tram, RER, Transilien suburban train) to any destination in the Ile-de-France (Greater Paris Metro area) including Disneyland Paris, CDG/ORY Airports, Versailles, La Defense, Fontainebleau
  • How many days in Paris?
  • Day of the week you arrive? (for multi-day tickets)
  • Rides per day?
  • Visiting Versailles, Disneyland Paris, Fontainebleau or other destinations outside central Paris?
    • First decide on your best ticket or pass for visiting central Paris, ignore trips outside for the moment
    • Then look at purchasing single-ride RER/Billet Origine-Destination tickets for your “outside Paris” destination (Versailles & Orly Airport are Zone 4, Disneyland and Fontainebleau, CDG Airport are Zone 5).  Unless you make several return trips from Central Paris to destinations in Zone 4 or 5 during your stay, it doesn’t make sense to add these zones to your multi-use ticket or pass.  Just use Billet Origine-Destination tickets for trips outside of Zone 1-2 (i.e. Central Paris).
    • If traveling as a family or group, consider 10-pack RER/Billet Origine-Destination tickets called “carnet”.  These are discounted about 20%.
    • Have children 9 & under? Consider 10-pack discounted RER/Billet Origine-Destination tickets. These are discounted about 50%.

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